Plan it.

Ready. Set. Plan!

Planning your trip correctly is the key to making the best use of your time there.

Planning can be done months (if not years) in advance – which airline, where to stay, what activities you can do, restaurant reservations.

Planning is fun. I mean really fun. Maybe I’m just a geek on this but I LOVE to plan the trip. It gives you a taste of things to come.

Researching and planning your next destination is where you’ll save both time and money.


When planning always look at the time of year you plan on visiting a certain destination – e.g.: Going to the south of France in September v/s July will be cheaper, less crowded and the weather is still incredible for beachgoing or summer activities. Going in January is very cheap but beach-time is a no-no. Find your middle ground and what works best for your needs and budget.

The more the merrier (usually…)

Amigos or no amigos? The power of numbers can drastically reduce your lodging costs. Depending on the occasion/destination it’s a good call to ask your close ones if the want to join you on a trip. It’s a great way to spend quality time with people you love and there is nothing like bonding over vacation time. The planning phase is when you want to sent that “Hawaii for NYE?” email and see who is in.



It’s better to over-plan and cancel some items on your list when you get there then to aim to just wing-it and and up missing out.